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My name is Sven Strittmatter and I’m a software engineer home based in Stuttgart (Germany). 2005 I’ve graduated as Diplom-Ingenieur for information technology at Duale Hochschule Stuttgart.

Some Words About Me

As part of practical education for my studies I was employed at the Fraunhofer IPA in the departments for “production and automation engineering” and “facility layout and logistics planing”. Here I got in touch with large scaled projects and supported them with software tools.

After working one year as a junior software developer for milesoft I switched to Webix Solutions GmbH and developed communities for magazines based on the Interred CMS for nearly three years (for example Freundin, Elle, and AMS). At Webix I also got in touch with the work of an junior project manager and evolved to a senior software developer. As senior software developer I was responsible for the education and evolving of the junior developers.

Late in 2009 I began a new opportunity as QA manager at KWICK! Community. At KWICK! I was responsible for the adoption of unit testing, continuous integration, and agile methodologies for improving the whole software development process and product quality.

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16. Feb 2018

Interim Move to Jekyll and GitHub

Interim Move to Jekyll and GitHub Roundabout two years ago I decided to get rid of Wordpress and the full stack of PHP and MySQL. About my reasons for this decision I’ve blogged here. As a result I decided to write my own simple blog solution: Uberblog. This was a weekend project which served me well, until I decided to reinstall my root server from scratch. Then the hassle with Ruby, Gems and dependency versions started. ...Read More

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If you want to contact me, for whatever reason, you can contact my by email. Write to ich(at)weltraumschaf(dot)de. (Change “(at)” and “(dot)” into the corresponding characters.)

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