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Debian and the outdated Ruby Gems

23. Mar 2012 | 1 minute read
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Debian and the outdated Ruby Gems

Debian is in my personal opinion the best Linux server distribution ever! I’ve never used something else. But one big drawback is that a lot of stuff is really outdated: With PHP you have to use backports. Java and Maven brings some hassle, too. And now I realized the same problem with Ruby Gems. But there is a solution as described here (german blog post).

By default Debian disables the gem update –system to prevent circumventing the Debian packet management system. If you need a newer Gem version you can install the rubygems-update:

$> sudo gem install rubygems-update --version=1.8.20

With the –version option you can chose your preferred version. After installation you need to invoke the update command:

$> sudo update_rubygems